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New Contact (Skin) Allergy Culprits

May 02, 2023
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Itchy, red, painful skin rash can be caused by an allergy to something that comes in contact with your skin. Many chemicals can cause this type of allergy and more have recently been found. To diagnose Contact Allergy, Patch testing can be helpful.

In modern society in the United States, we are surrounded by many chemicals.  Over 4000 chemicals have been found to cause a skin allergy. Examples include metals (such as nickel and cobalt), fragrance mixes, dyes, and acrylates (associated with fake nails). In a recent publication, newly identified allergy causing chemicals in 2020 and 2021 were listed. They included:

Acemetacin (an anti-inflammatory chemical)

4-n-Butylresoreinol (in cosmetics)

Calcium pantothenate (used in cosmetics with Vit B5)

Caprylic/capric triglyceride (perfume, cosmetics)

Caprylyl gylcol (cosmetics)

dibutyl fumarate (in the sole of a shoe)

3-Glyceryl ascorbate (cosmetics)

Nalmefene hydrochloride (pharmaceutical)

Oleoyl tyrosine (skin tanning agent)

resveratrol (anti-aging agent in cosmetics)

and Vildagliptin aerosolized (diabetitic medication occupational exposure)

Patch testing can be done to help identify what is triggering a contact allergy. This is done by placing chemicals in special patches on the back/skin for a few days. The patches are removed in clinic and the test is analyzed once or more times after an additional amout of time. At Allergy and Asthma of Prosper and Celina we have the American Contact Dermatitis Society recommended Core Allergen series which contains 87 allergens to test with. For questions about Contact Allergy feel free to reach out to our clinic.

(Source: Johansen JD, Bonefeld CM, Schwensen JFB, Thyssen JP, Uter W. Novel insights into contact dermatitis. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2022 Apr;149(4):1162-1171. doi: 10.1016/j.jaci.2022.02.002. Epub 2022 Feb 18. PMID: 35183605.)